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To whet the student minds and persuade them to think distinctly and critically, it is incumbent upon of all of us to instill reading habits in them. Reading not only helps to gather novel ideas but also develops effective basic study and writing skills. To this cause college library has been enriched with a trove of books vital for flexibility of mind and multidimensional thinking of students.

There are variety of books including text books, reference books, 21 Journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries and manuals etc. Every year college goes on adding more books. Library is designed to meet the future needs of changing pattern and contains latest books on all subjects. A variety of newspapers and magazines are also subscribed for daily information.
General Rules
  1. Complete silence must be observed in the library.
  2. Members are required to stand in a queue, while returning or getting the books issued.
  3. No reader is allowed to sleep in the library premises.
  4. Mobile phone will not be allowed to be taken in the library
  5. Maximum eight books will be issued to a student and 10 books to a staff member.
  6. Taking books out of the library without authorization marking or underlining, disfiguring the books or damaging the library property may lead to heavy fine
  7. The librarian may recall any book at any time if there is demand.
  8. Readers will not be allowed to bring their own books in the library.
  9. A member of the library who loses the library card shall make a written report to the librarian.
  10. The members have to keep their belongings at the property counter near the entrance and exit point of the library.
  11. Violations of these rules or indiscipline behavior in the library will lead to cancellation of membership and disciplinary action.
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