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Psychology Lab

Psychology Lab

The college has a Psychology Laboratory equipped with various psychological tests and equipment. Used for teaching teacher trainees to administer various psychological tests and understand individual differences in class rooms in a better way. The B.Ed. students and members of the faculty make use of these tests for conducting research. The Training, Placement and Counseling Cell (TPCC) of the college also utilize these tests for diagnostic and prognostic purposes.

As per norms and standards imposed the College has setup well designed and modern psychology Lab equipped with various psychological tests with manual, keys questions booklet and various other apparatu. 

  • Group test of Intelligence
  • Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Cognitive style inventory
  • Non – Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Performance Test of intelligence
  • Problem Solving Ability Test
  • Concept Altamont test
  • Teaching Aptitude Test battery
  • Scientific Aptitude Test Battery
  • Verbal Test of Creative thinking
  • Non- Verbal Test of Creative thinking
  • General Class Room Achievement Test
  • Dimensional Personality Inventory
  • Sentence Completion Test
  • Educational Interest Records
  • Career Preference Record (Vocational Interests)
  • Teacher Attitude Inventory
  • Steadiness Tester Apparatus (1)
  • Social Motive Scale
  • Environment awareness ability measure
  • Teacher values inventory
  • Mental health battery
  • National Integration Questionnaires
  • Teacher vocational maturity scale
  • Short term memory
  • Long term memory
  • Retroactive inhibition
  • Mirror drawing apparatus with manual
  • Card shorting tray apparatus with manual
  • Mental fatigue Test
  • Stamp pad pointed apparatus with manual
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